Switch those suits for sweats!

Happier employees means a more successful company.
We have engineered a host of activities to kick lethargy, punch poor productivity and
sweat out all the bad energy. Let’s get your team together and the positive juju flowing!


Boost positivity, productivity and team cohesiveness, and help employees deal with stress and adversity through a combination of exercises, mindful practices and nutritional advice.


Select a pre-designed plan crafted by our team of experts, or curate a special plan as per your requirements.


One Time Trial

Ready to bust a move? Get a trial run.

Choose 1 out of the following programmes.


Stress Relief Programme

A composed, de-stressed employee gets more work done. Our wellness expert will teach the workforce how to cope with strain and tension better.

This includes:

  • Stress management seminar
  • Yoga session with a range of asanas for the workplace
  • Guided meditation

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Weight Loss Programme

One of life’s biggest struggles is weight loss. Worry not! Our experts will share amazing tips that will help you lose weight healthily and easily.

This includes:

  • Cardio workout and tips
  • Nutrition session (one to one sessions at an additional charge)
  • Health food buffet

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Happy, Healthy, Fun Day Programme

Give your employees a much- deserved break from their mundane routine! Here’s a day for them to unwind, de-stress and get their spirits up.

This includes:

  • Zumba session
  • Healthy refreshments
  • Motivational talks
  • Massage session (at an additional cost)

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Monthly Retainer

If you’ve tried our one-time programme, you know how effective and enriching our services are. A retainer will consistently improve performance and office culture, and steadily, these steps, will bring success to your company. We can curate programmes that will tackle the problems your office and employees are facing.

In this programme, we offer the following services:


    Our team of Fitness Experts have extensive experience in a variety of regimes - Strength Training, Cardio, Pilates, Free Hand, Zumba, Martial Arts, Yoga, and more. We create a workout programme incorporating a combination of these.


    Employees need a pep talk, from time to time, to reinvigorate their spirit and purpose. Our seminal Motivational Speaker is here to boost employees’ morale and, thus, performance. This helps elevate the office’s atmosphere and breath positivity in the air.


    To help employees be more aware of their diet, make better eating habits and bolster wellness.


    Meditation quiets the mind in the storm of today’s competitive world. Our Wellness Guru will teach employees how to deal with stress and clear their mind so that they can make better decisions.

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We can build a customised plan, as per your requirements, which can include a combination of activities, talks, nutritional advice, meditation, fitness and more.

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